Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dunc the Punk

Dunc the Punk sods off!
My World 2.0

Exile on Main St.
Super Deluxe Edition

Time Flies... 1994 — 2009 (Big Brother)
Dunc was supposed to review these records, but quite frankly he can't be arsed. He has no interest in listening to a bunch of men with more wrinkles than his own ballbag. 

He has no idea who Justin Beiber is, but assumes he is a moronic numpty who gets pre-teen girls wet. And Oasis are a band with egos inversely proportional to any talent they may have ever had. No. Dunc is only interested in the World Cup. The single greatest event in the fucking world.

Even when all the fans are unaware that vuvuzelas sound worse than Satan's farts and England are playing like toilet, Dunc can't get enough of it. This one is particularly good, with the Germans (sorry Justin— Jewmans) losing to Serbia and the Frogs fighting with each other. (When the French fight each other, who surrenders first?)

Oh, and Dunc wants all you septics to know that we gave you that goal to make up for the BP farrago. So we're even now, right?

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