Vinyl Review: Rayon Beach EP

The Memory Teeth EP (HoZac)
Rayon Beach concoct a highly lustered, if not brightly sheened psychy garage sound on this six song EP. Pitching their tent as well in the Austin HoZac camp, Beach bunnies Tom Sutherland and Mike Naccarato set the tone early with side one's "Wave Pool Ether" but let it get even weirder with the trippy manipulations on the side closing "Dust Will Never Sleep." That all gets outdone by the flipside when the boys bring it to a boil on the raving "Comet Songs" before turning down the heat to let the brain simmer in "Jacuzzi Limo Explosion"—a song which, if someone were to tell me was an early Modern Lovers demo, I'd believe them. In summation, Rayon Beach will knock your memory teeth out and make you forget you ever had them—Joey T. Germ [Rayon Beach]


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