Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vinyl Review: Sleepovers 7"

Secret 7” EP (HoZac)
The sugar poppin' Sleepovers, add some variety to the HoZac roster with this three song seven inch disc. This four piece band, (featuring a married couple as well as a set of twins!) would have you believe that sleepovers are fun. On the surface that seems like a pretty innocuous statement, but I am here to tell you the not all sleepovers are fun. Some end in tragedy, like in this example for instance: Slumber Party Massacre II! Not so fun. At any rate, Sleepovers aren't concerned with items from the cold case files. They're too busy warming your heart with their infectious melodies, and while I have a very low tolerance for power popin general, the three songs on the Secret EP is a low enough dose—Sara Ailin

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