Friday, March 03, 2006


Heh, heh. Oh sorry. How rude of me to laugh like that when you don't know what's so funny. I was just thinking about how, when the Reglar Wiglar first started, instead of interviewing real bands we just made up the interviews and the bands. Like this 1996 "interview" with Mirage, a band that seems eerily similar to a certain egotistical British band that was quite popular at the time. Hahahahahahhahaha!! I hope you enjoy it, I sure did. Hahahahahahahaha!!


Shipping / Receiving said...

Thanks for shattering the illusion.

GOD said...

Attention mortals:
Click the HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA title to reach the page with the Mirage interview. You'd be glad you did... if you had eternity's worth of time to waste.