Message Left On My Cell Phone

Maybe someone can explain to me what this means. I'm not P, by the way.

"Hey P this is Rocky, man. Gimme a call back, man. This chick wanna know if she can pay you a few dollars, or whatever, a-a-a to a, I guess, umm, to pay for her a-a-a, I mean she'll pay you for a-a-a, she'll pay you for a . . . dang . . . on a dag . . . whatchoo call that? Damn! A dock statement! You don't need to fill out nuthin. She talkin' 'bout she just needs a slip. That's a quick 25-30 bucks, so if you can get ahold a one of them let me know. Holla. This is Shakur."


Anonymous said…
Sounds like something illegal. Go to the cops. Maybe there's a reward in it for you.