Ivory Coast Blues

From Helen Kolonga
Rue 6 BP 01 Cocody Abidjan CI
Cote d Ivoire.

+225 08 42 10 57

I do apologize for approaching you from the blues. I was formerly a Medical student of the University of Abidjan, Cote d Ivoire. My parents and my only brother where killed by the current government because my father was an opposition leader.

Before the death of my father, he has $9.5 M USD (Nine Million , Five Hundred Thousand dollars.) in a domiciliary account with a bank in Côte d'Ivoire which i am the next of kin.

1) To help get this money transferred to you.
2) To serve as the guardian
3) To make an arrangement for me to come over after this money is transferred.
4) To look for a good venture where the money will be invested.

I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum as compensation of your effort after a successful transfer.

Your Sincerely,



Anonymous said…
From: "Helen Kolonga"
Reply-To: helenkolonga@gawab.com
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 09:25:45 +0000
Subject: From: Helen Kolonga

From: Helen Kolonga
Rue 6 BP 01 Cocody Abidjan CI
Cote d Ivoire.
+225 08 42 10 57

I know that my message will come to you as a surprise
since I don’t know you in person or met with you
before, but I am of the believe that you would obliged
to come to my assistance .

I was, until recently, a Medical student of the
University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast West Africa. Late
last year October 2004, the Rebels in my Country
Struck our township and killed my parents and my only
sister in one of their attacks. My late Father, Guei
Kolonga being the former president.

Before his death he had a domicilary account with a
bank in Côte d'Ivoire, up to the tune of(Nine Million
Five Hundred Thousand dollars) . Please I need your
assistance getting this money tranferred to you for
investment and to be my guardian in investment.

Your Sincerely
Anonymous said…
This is a really good deal. I did something similar for a Nigerian woman a few months ago and now I am a millionaire!!!
Anonymous said…
this is a west african money scam and can lead to financial ruin and death.
Anonymous said…
Not minding your own business can lead to those things too.
Anonymous said…
woo hoooo...a rich 18 year old girl medical student. She is probably a fat chick. You think it is worth facing raging civil war to take the trip over to find out?
Anonymous said…
bro she sent me a picture shes hot go for it