Music Review: Nathan Xander

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Nathan Xander is a singer/songwriter from New York (by way of Chicago via Union City, PA). He writes songs that have their elements of country, indie and folk. They're songs about love and loss and those things you just might expect a singer/songwriter to write a song to sing about. The trick to the singer/songwriter racket though, is to pair up good music with thoughtful lyrics that'll make the listener think that this singer/songwriter is writing and singing songs about the listener's own pathetic life. Xander happens to do just that on this, his self-titled third album. Lead off track, "I’ll Try To Be Good", is a great example of what I was just saying several seconds ago—it's sad, haunting, beautiful, universal and lingers in your brain. "My Forked Tongue", "Last Day of the Month" and all subsequent songs aspire to, and almost reach that pinnacle, but the bar was set too high. Nathan Xander's songs are simple but smart, sparse but with space and definitely get to the heart of matters of the heart—Stan Fogelberg [Nathan Xander]

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