Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comics Review: Into My Heart

Grant Thomas
 The second issue in Grant Council Thomas' My Life in Records series further examines the comics creator's life in vinyl. No, Grant isn't in a band (that I am aware), he doesn't run a record label, nor does he work in a record store, but rather his comics deal with his memories of listening to records in his formative years. Like its predecessor in the series, Into my Heart is shaped proportionately like a seven inch record (though smaller). The comic looks great in full color on glossy paper too. Into My Heart opens with a flashback of three-year-old Tom willfully disobeying his mother and taking a plunge into the big kid pool, almost drowning in the process. This ties into the baptismal theme of Tom accepting Jesus and letting him into his heart. The concept of letting Jesus live in your heart had confused the younger Tom who heard these lyrics on a record as a child. An older Tom reflects back on the meaning that he now fully acceptChris Auman 

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