Monday, April 30, 2012

Zine Review: The Heat and the Hot Earth

Adam Gnade (Punch Drunk Press
Adam Gnade returns with a new novella—a newvella, if you will. The Heat and the Hot Earth continues the story of aimless youth Gnade established with, Hey, Hey Lonesome. If you've read this previous title, you will recognize a few names (Tyler, Ted Boone, Joey Carr) and be introduced to new ones. At least they were new to me, they may have made previous appearances as Gnade often revisits characters in his work. The chapters of The Heat and the Hot Earth are presented in the forms of letters, dreams and blog posts, and from the points of view of the different characters. New or old, it is purported that Gnade will, at some future point in time, unite these characters, situations and locations and tie them all together into one tight knot. Or notChris Auman

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