Comics Review: Project 0, Part 2

Phase 1, Part 2
John & Charles Agbaje (Central City Tower)
The Central City saga continues in Part 2 of John & Charles Agbaje’s graphic novel, Project 0. Although the story is only just beginning, from the action so far, it appears that the Outsiders are dead set on sabotaging the military equipment of what one can only presume to be an intrusive, authoritarian government—isn't that just like intrusive, authoritarian governments though? It looks like our young protagonists (Aatu, Bea and Owen, introduced in Part 1) are going to get caught in the middle of the struggle where they'll likely play a pivotal role as they try to find the last piece of their rocket puzzle. New installments of the comic are already available on the Central City website if you can't wait for the next issueChris Auman

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