Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comic Review: The Call

Steve Broome (Coal Minds)
The Call is writer/artist Steve Broome’s on-line graphic tale of the lives of three mythical and mystical African tribes who must turn to a new generation to confront an uncertain future. Broom allows us to observe these tribes as they hunt, gather, survive and perform spiritual rituals. While the story may be set in Africa, it is a purely fantastical tale trading in magic, witchcraft, assorted sorcery and strange forest beasts whose screams can be captured and turned into spells. Broome creates such a visually sweeping setting for his characters to inhabit (pun intended), that would only be better served in full color. The black, white and gray tones don’t make for the most visually appealing panels, but the action scenes are well done and create nice tension in the story. Speaking of the story, I was a bit lost in places as the storyline jumped from character to character and tribe to tribe in the space of a few pages but this may not be the last we've scene of The Call which could easily develop and fit into a larger, more comprehensive, narrativeChris Auman

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