Reglar Wiglar Band Interview: Lady GooGoo

At just fourteen months old, baby prodigy, Lady GooGoo has accomplished more than most artists do by the time they're in their tweens. First the Fabulous Lady G stole our hearts with last year's club hit "Peekaboo Face" from her debut album, The Fame Monster Under the Bed and now the young singer is about to drop her second record, Born Like This. Her eccentric fashion sense and her recent political activism have made her a baby to be reckoned with both on and off the pop charts. The Reglar Wiglar was able to get a pre-nap time interview with Miss G.G. on the day of the release of her new single "Born Like This."

REGLAR WIGLAR: Congratulations on the new single, "Born Like This" which was just released today. I personally am a huge fan of the new song but some critics who have obtained advanced copies have called the song "very stinky." What's your reaction to this?

LADY GOOGOO: (grunting noise)

REGLAR WIGLAR: Wooweee, now that's very stinky. I take it you don't care much for your critics. Lady GooGoo, you've been teasing the music press by releasing partial lyrics to "Born Like This". You sent this lyrical snippet to Perez Hilton a few weeks ago: "Goo, goo, goo, ga/ Giggle, goo goo ga." Why the tease?

LADY GOOGOO: Gggul, goo goo ga goo. Goo.

REGLAR WIGLAR: Makes sense to me. Now, regarding your fashion sense, which some have called "infantile", I have to ask, are you just trying to shock your parents and the public? I mean, you showed up to the Grammy's last year wrapped in swaddling bacon!

LADY GOOGOO: Gagagagagaga na. Gurgle, gurgle.

REGLAR WIGLAR: Well, that's to the point of my question actually—the diaper made of pigeon feathers, the baby bonnet made of live snakes—what's the motivation?

LADY GOOGOO: Goo goo ga  gagagagagaga na. Eeeh fafa goo. Goo.

REGLAR WIGLAR:  I see. I hadn't thought of it in quite that way. Now, sweetie, dispel the rumours that you're dating Justin Beiber.

LADY GOOGOO: Phhhtttttt!

REGLAR WIGLAR: Well, I don't know if it's fair to call him a geezer, Lady GooGoo, but I do agree, there is quite an age difference. I would think that maybe someone like Lil Dirty Bastard might be in more of your age bracket.

LADY GOOGOO: Giggle goo!

REGLAR WIGLAR: Lady GooGoo, you've been very political lately: you recently made a "boom boom" in your diaper at a rally to end "Don't Ask, Don't Show and Tell" at a kindergarten here in New York; you also produced a lot of spittle in reaction to the enforcement of immigration law in Arizona. Is there a run for political office in your future?

LADY GOOGOO: Nnnnnnnnnnn, nnnnnnnn.

REGLAR WIGLAR: Ok, well, thank you very much Lady GooGoo, I'll let you go so you can get a fresh diaper. Thank you for the interview.

LADY GOOGOO: Phhhhsssssst, goo, gurgle.

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