Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I debated whether or not to review this magazine because I knew I was almost surely going to make fun of it from the moment I saw it laying in the foyer of the Old Town School of Folk Music. And why not? It's dedicated, almost entirely, to cover bands that play predominately in the suburbs. The bars and clubs that advertise herein, look like horrible places where douche bags congregate to do Jager Bombs and shake their fists at the even bigger d. bags on stage who are costumed as some of the worst dinosaur rock musicians I hated enough the first time around. But who am I to judge and what right do I have to do so? These are just my own biases and prejudices and I would have to be an even bigger a-hole to put down other people for their tastes in music regardless of how much fun it is and how much pure joy and pleasure it would give me to do such. That said, this newsletter, which has been in circulation since 1988, is basically the Maximumrocknroll for suburban cover band coverage. The dual cover features The Lounge Puppets (80s Hair Band Tribute) on one side and Petty Profits (Tom Petty Tribute) on the flip and there are interviews/articles on these bands inside. There's also the "Street Talk News & Views" column by Rock Princess Christine Perry which has tidbits on various area bands. (For example, UFO tribute band, Lights Out Chicago, has a new frontman.) The cover /tribute band concept has always been an intriguing phenomenon and apparently it will never leave the burbs ever, ever, ever. Many of the groups that these cover bands are paying tribute to are still schlepping around the country playing to the die-hards at county fairs and such, but I guess people still want to hear their favorite songs live regardless of who is performing them.

I guess. I really don't understand it actually.

The most mindblowing revelation I received from the Chicago Rocker was an ad for Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill and their "Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade Afterparty" show in which Jackyl featuring DMC (from Run DMC) was performing. That's Jackyl featuring DMC. Let that sink in. I bet Tailgaters was packed that night. Probably sold a lot of Jager Bombs.

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Anonymous said...

This piece of crap rag has already gone out of business, as it did from 1993 til 2010.
To say they've been around since 1988 is completely deceiving. It's a lie.
To compare it Maximum Rock N' Roll is an insult to MRNR.