Music Review: The Howling Hex

The Best of The Howling Hex
[Drag City]
In the imaginary world of The Howling Hex, every day is a circus where junkies waltz to a crazy bouncy beat. Carnies jockey for a chance to get your nickel for a ride along the border separating north and south from insanity. "New Border Soul" it's been called for that very reason, I suspect. I would warn a varmint not to listen to this thing the whole way through too many times in one sitting. There's a chance you may be whisked away completely—across a big dry desert or a tall wet mountain. If you can make it through "Trashcan Bahamas" then you're the kind of creature that has Metal Machine Music on repeat on your iPod. That's not to say it's not musical, it is—they both are—it just takes brain cells with a bunch of strength and mental stamina.

Now that I've cleared all that up, it must be said that Neil Haggerty’s The Howling Hex is still a bit of an enigma, especially since I tried not find out anything in the first place. Not knowing is a good way to start and end and The Best of Howling Hex is all you really need to know either way. Haggerty gonna do what Haggerty gonna do so there's no sense thinking too much about it—Howling Wülf [The Howling Hex]