Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Music Review: 39th and the Nortons

On Trial (Evil Hoodoo)
Twangy, countrified 60s style garage rock and roll from France via Great Britain. (I think.) If you like your Nuggets olden and golden and served with some sweet organ and harmonica and drenched in a delicious reverb sauce, then you’re gonna wanna head on down to 39th and the Nortons and get yourself a heaping helping of this eleven song plat du jour (I am certain I used that term incorrectly). You can download this meal from Evil Hoodoo or you can go one awesome step further and order the cassette which is served in a hand-stitched fabric sleeve, or bag of some sort. Limited edition of 100. I am now hungry for pancakes! Let's eat!—Joey LeGerm

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