Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Music Review: White Hills

Frying on This Rock (Thrill Jockey)
Don’t know where the White Hills are (the moon?) but apparently they’re on a planet or satellite rock where dudes like to zone out on gnarly jams (Earth?)—a planet where it's customary to grow some hair, keep your head down and riff. White Hills like to lay into it and stay there for extended periods of time. From the opening of “Pads of Light” (an epic space rock jam) they just roll it on out into a “Robot Stomp" in which robots dish out a repetitive mechanical beat-down for nearly twelve minutes (that’s three days in robot time). “I Write a Thousand Letters (Pulp on the Bone)" one-ups that in reaching for the 14 minute mark and making it. If you're prospecting in the White Hills, you're likely to hit a heavy lode, so grab a pick ax and a bucket, Klondike, and start diggin'—Sam Clemens

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