Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Comics Review: Damaged #4

Damaged 4 (Radical Publishing)
Damaged is a noir crime serial with bulging muscles, big guns, and Russian mobsters. The politicians come corrupt in San Francisco. Some of the cops do too. The good ones have their hands full chasing vigilantes bent on extra-judicial revenge. No need for a messy trial, better a messy crime scene.

Henry Lincoln (estranged brother to ex-Police Captain Frank Lincoln) has broken ex-cop Isaac Lordsman (it’s gonna get biblical) out of prison. Smarmy mayoral candidate Shane is in bed with new crime boss Oksana Oloaf, who tells a cute tale about her dead husband wrestling with his conscience, and his reluctance to rape her when she held out. Now that’s one tough broad!

Lots of blood, explosions and gnarled men at war with criminals, buddy cops and buddy ex-cops both out for justice—Manila Ice

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