Friday, June 03, 2011


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I missed Joe. I tried to patch things up with him at one point. I sent him an IM apologizing and explaining that I had gone off my meds. I heard nothing back for a week. Finally, I sent this e-mail to the address I had for Mr. Clark:

Delicate subject matter, for your eyes only, sir.

Dear Mr. Clark,

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against one of your employees, Mr. Joe Phillip. I have found Mr. Phillip, to be abusive and mean in his treatment of me. I work diligently on my assignments as they are assigned by the Controller, and yet this does not seem to be good enough for Mr. Joe Phillip. Mr. Joe constantly harasses me about not being logged into my Yahoo IM at all times. What am I, a slave or some sort of robotic machine? He sometimes asks me what I am wearing which is no small outrage in today's modern day workplace environment. Furthermore, I believe the man to be a drunkard with few (if any!) scruples. His vile temper and sometimes violent BUZZing noises are disturbing to someone of my mental condition, which I assure you is under complete control with the proper medication. Am I not a valuable and highly productive part of the XXXX Team? The answer is a yes in the affirmative. All who know my work would enthusiastically agree. I demand treatment as such!

Thank you for your time. I look forward to you taking immediate action in this regard.

Very respectfully yours,

C. Auman

PS: I shiver at the thought of what sort of pornographic materials that man is viewing on company time. One can only vividly imagine. It is probably very disgusting and perverted!

I received no reply to my complaint to Mr. Daniel who was more than likely Mr Joe as well. After a week of silence, I sent Joe one last instant message and was astonished to received a reply:

i luv you.

i luv you.

We left it at that.

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