BREAKING SCANDAL: President puts spicy mustard on burger

Full details here.
Kudos to our betters in the infotainment industry for sounding the alarm on this sickening, shameful travesty.
Because it's so true! Grey Poupon is an elite brand of mustard that is only available to the blue bloods who shop at 'grocery stores' and other exclusive fancy shops like Target and 7-Eleven. Occasionally, high-end dining establishments like Wendy's and Burger King will unveil a dijon variety of their chicken sandwich, but it is always only available for a limited time, and often - ironically - offered in conjunction with a so-called 'value meal', which obviously conflicts with the morally grounded epicurean values of most hard-working, American news anchors. Very few Americans ever get the chance to see a jar of this exotic condiment, much less taste it.
Shameful that we elected such a terrible person President. He's obviously out of touch with the salt-of-the-earth who provide this country with it's strong, never-wavering and unquestionably wise backbone. Next we'll find out Obama drinks orange juice with his breakfast.


ManlyEater said…
Remember when John Kerry ordered his Philly cheese steak wrong???? The USA really dodged a bullet when Bush defeeted that clown. I think the only safe choice for the 2012 election (Asuming Our country is still in existince by then) is Hannity himself. Mr. Hannity is a Great American and obviously the only person patriotic enough to order fast food without embearassing the nation.
Red said…
Whut kind of retard orders a burger with dejon musterd? Whut a joker that guy is.
The Eyes said…
^^Astute commentary by Red. Remember this snafu that the drive-by media told the sheeple was no big deal? Well, 0bama is predictably cozying up to the powerful retardo lobby by dog whistling that he is "one of them" on the issue of hot dog condimentery.
A hot dog whistle, if you will.
Hot Doug said…
I heard Laura Ingram puts ketchup on her hot dogs... what a dumb bitch!!!

I also read that Sean Hannity pronounces ketchup 'catsup' and says 'to-mah-tow' while most Americans say tomato. What a putz!!!