Classic Woodrows Albums: Ganja Stomp

Ganja Stomp

(RoosterCow) 1980

Even The Woodrows need to kick back and "chil-ax" every once in awhile. This classic album from 1980 (their 10th full-length record of that year!) features 15 songs that document the Woodrow's brief infatuation with everything rasta and reggae. Tracks include: "Praise Almighty Jah," "Jah is Awesome," "I for an I," "Rastafari Safari," "Jah Know What I'm Sayin'? and ten more rockin' reggae jams!!!

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Anonymous said…
I put this up there near the summit of the mountain of terrible Woodrow albums. Only the Woodrows, would think actually release what is clearly just a jam box recording of a very stoned "reggae" jam session. I'm not sure how to classify this work of crap but it's definitely not reggae.
-Max D.
reglarwiglar said…
Yah, mon, but yah gotta get high on a ganja spliff to truly to appreciate this album, mon.