ZINE REVIEW: Dwelling Portably

Bert and Holly Davis (Microcosm)

Dwelling Portably has been around awhile — dang near forty years, in fact. I remember receiving issues in my P.O. box back in the Nineties. Even then this zine was crammed to the margins with advice about existing off the grid and living off the land. I loved the idea of DP and the chaotic look and feel of it, but the information contained within never held much relevance to me as an urban dweller. It’s nice to see it compiled here, although the type is just as tiny and condensed as ever. DP is still jam packed to bursting with how-to's, advice and DIY guides for the nomadic life and is still dutifully put together by Bert and Holly Davis who have been dwelling portably in Somewhereville, Oregon for well past thirty yearsChris Auman