Friday, February 28, 2014


by Matt Ritter & Adam Elbatimy
[Slave Labor Graphics]

Nova Phase is a part of a six issue series of comics that are being released through Slave Labor Graphics. The story is being billed as a “treasure hunt in space with old school video game graphics!” It certainly delivers on the promise of pixelated panels. You can see the bits and almost here blips and bleeps.  

Nova Phase tells the story of Veronica Darkwater, a bounty hunter with a good heart. Maybe too good—not a good trait in a bounty hunter. Even Han Solo ran into a bit of trouble in this area, despite the image he wished to project. Veronica is set up against a ruthless military antagonist  who, like all ruthless military antagonists, is on a quest for absolute power at any cost—at all costs!

If the story sounds like something from a late eighties/early 90s video game, that is hardly a coincidence. The arcade-style art and classic storyline is meant to pay homage to the 8-bit past.

A print version of the first two issues will be collected for sale through the SLG website and Amazon.

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