ZINE REVIEW: Recoup #1


The debut issue of this slender digest-sized zine is dedicated to the past: music and musicians that have been forgotten or overlooked. Music has no expiration date as publisher, Joseph Kyle, points out in his intro, so why not go back and revisit what has gone before? There's nothing new under the sun anyway and, let's face it, if the world stopped producing new music today, would anybody even notice? Probably, but anyway...

This issue features interviews with Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter, emo band, Texas is the Reason, Pete Byrne of Naked Eyes, and brothers Lon and Derrek Van Eaton. There are reviews of albums by The Breeders, Everything But the Girl, Jawbreaker, Codeine and other bands and artists who released music many several moons ago, Kyle also writes the confessional, "I Was a Teenage Yoko Ono Martyr," explaining his early and continuing fascination with the "most famous unknown artist in the world." (John Lennon)

While the pages of this particular publication will remain in printed form only, you can read similar content on The Recoup websiteChris Auman