Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Music Review: Cafeteria Dance Fever

Danceology (Hovercraft)
It's the end of third period, kids, so it's time to bolt to the lunch room, grab a molded plastic tray, dab on a big old dollop of powdered mashed potatoes and a scoop of jello (with bits of canned cherries and pineapple in it), and get down with Cafeteria Dance Fever! These punchy Portland punks keep it snotty and out of tune, and like a good schoolyard flu it's catchy. They can rip through dang near 25 songs in two sips from a milk carton. This retrospective danceology titled Danceology has so many nonstop hits ("School Sucks," "I Got Rabbies," "Bile," and "Pig Sty") it would even make The Woodrows jealous. Ain't nuthing gonna bring this fever down—Lunch Lady Sue [Cafeteria Dance Party]

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