Thursday, January 06, 2011

Zine Reviews: Xerography Debt #26

(Microcosm) (Leeking Inc.)

As Davida explains in the "Basic Stuff You Should Know" section, XD is a hybrid of a review zine and a personal zine. As such, this issue like its predecessors, features columns concerning the writers' personal relationships to zines and self-publishing, and then of course there are the reviews. This issue features reviews by Clint Johns who was the zine buyer at Tower Records. It was Clint, in fact, who agreed to carry the Reglar Wiglar zine back in the early aughts, which I will always be grateful. Microcosm founder Joel Biel also contributes a column and some reviews as well. Still a great resource to find out who's doing what from publishing vets to upstarts—Chris Auman

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