Monday, January 11, 2016

History of Music #15: The Cars

The Cars
The Cars

Santa dropped some good vinyl on me one Xmas way back in the day (I imagine the albums were purchased at the downtown Ben Franklin, but that’s mere speculation.) At the time, I hadn’t really progressed much past a Queen fixation. It was pretty much all Queen all the time, actually. So, in what was possibly 1984 or 1985, I got a handful of records which would help get my teenaged brain branching out into different directions. One of the albums I received was The Cars self-titled debut album, ironically enough, produced by Roy Thomas Baker who put the sheen on many a Queen jam. 

Despite only getting hip to this record in the mid 1980s, The Cars actually came out in 1978. The album went double platinum just a few days shy of its one year anniversary and was still a big seller years later. The Cars followed up with a strong sophomore effort with Candy-O in 1979, and continued to deliver solid albums throughout the 80s. (Read more)


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