Thursday, December 19, 2013


At the ten year benchmark, I had this to say. From the heart. From RW#19, 2003:

Ten years of the Reglar Wiglar and what a long, hard slog it's been. Ten years and nineteen issues. That's something like 1.9 issues per year, in fact, that's exactly 1.9 issues per year. To celebrate this milestone in history you would think I would've tried to come up with something a little extra special for this issue's Idiotorial. You would think. I got nuthn' though. Sorry. But what I figured I'd do is, I thought I'd turn this issue's Idiotorial over to you guys and try to answer some of the questions that you, the audience, might have. So, let's get started shall we? Does anybody-have any questions? 

Yes, you right up front there with the funny pants. What's that? Did I think that after ten years I would still be doing the Reglar Wiglar? Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Next question. 

Yes, you in the back with the Sum 41 t-shirt. Did I think the Reglar Wiglar would have come as far as it has in just a decade? No, I would have thought that this magazine would have gone much, much, much further than it has. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed. 

Yes, you with the garage rock haircut--looks like you got up on the wrong side of 1965. Ha! I'm sorry, anyway what was your question? Have I enjoyed publishing this magazine? Wow. Enjoyed... Enjoyed is a such a strong word. Next. 

Yes, Miss. Well thank you, I feel good too. What's that? Shame on you young lady, that is not right, but I appreciate it, thank you. I'll be hanging around for a bit after the Idiotorial if you'd like me to elaborate further on that subject. Anyone else? 

Yes, you with the pierced...thingy. What's that? I have a face for publishing? That's very funny, sir. Let's say we leave the snappy one-liners to George W., OK? Now what was your question? How do I sleep at night? Like a baby, like a really, really tired baby. What kind of question is that? 

OK you in the front. Relax son, what's the matter, you got ants in your underpants? Oh shit, yeah that can be painful. You have to wash ALL your clothes and sheets? Yes, and shave everything. Next. 

Do I have any scruples left after ten years in this business? Yes. 

Do I have any regrets? Sure. 

Have I had the chance to listen to some really, really bad music? Absolutely. 

OK people, last question, please. What was that Ma'am, was it worth it? That's a very, very good question. 

OK, I see your hands but this has got to be the last question. Yes? What's the question? The question is, what's next? Is that right? I don't know, but I'd like that inscribed on my tombstone. Thanks guys.

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