Sunday, November 17, 2013


One more time. From RW#9, 1997:

Researched by Joey Germ

We all have our favorite rock stars; singers with whom we identify, feel a certain affinity towards, musicians whose music we turn to in our times of need. They comfort us and give us hope. Who we chose as our role models often tells us a little something about ourselves and what kind of people we are. Who is your favorite rock icon? If it's one of the following, you might find out a little something about yourself that you may or may not have already known.

You seem to possess an inexplicable charisma that appeals mainly to the lowest common denominator. You feel the need to draw attention to yourself by shocking people with your outrageous style and antics, all the while defending your motives with the excuse that you are holding up a mirror to the society of which you are a product. You're probably just tired and need a map.

You are down to earth, rugged and tough, yet vulnerable. You're still very much a little girl who likes to wear her favorite pair of jammies to bed. You are a hopeless romantic who could burst into tears at any moment, or at least it looks like you could burst into tears at any moment. Let it out. It's ok. You'll feel better.

You're just a girl in this world. You are energetic and enthusiastic and very easily excited. You are spontaneous and don't have time to think too much about heavy stuff. You like boys and relationships and getting flowers and gifts and if you weren't so driven to be the object of everyone's affection you'd probably just settle for the title of Gavin's Girlfriend

You are sexy, good looking, charismatic, intelligent, very successful—if only you had talent, you could justify it all. You put on the personae of being an angry, young man, full of angst and frustration, but that won't pay the bills for too much longer. If you weren't so driven to be the object of everyone's admiration, you'd probably just settle for the title of Gwen's Boyfriend.

Worldly and wise for your years. Jaded and untrusting. You should eat better.

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