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Just a few reviews from RW#5, 1995. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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Pop Goes the Vambo 7" (OFF-White)
Yet another fine OFF-White release. This little baby slipped under the Wiglar door in the form of a cassette at thee last possible minute; no cover, no song names, no nuthin' except the promise that it would soon be pressed into tasty little seven inch records with individually silk-screened jackets. Well, let me just say one thing, it had damn well better, 'cause I get paid in product, not promises. Four songs recorded live to four track in the basement of the OFF-White House where a lot of young talent has been layin' down the rock lately. I like it. You can almost smell the excitement. Kids with sweaty brows and fiery burning eyes and booze, lot's of booze. Yeah! I guess I could call the OFF-White office and confirm the release date, but naaaah—J. Germ

Nuts and Balls (Mind of a Child)
I love just about everything about this record. It's a ten inch on clear vinyl. It's solid pop rock that's just deliberately fucked up enough to be weird pop rock. They hit all the wrong notes, it's great. I sort of had to promise fellatio to Mind of a Child to get this record as I could not find it locally. They told me that someday, perhaps I will be called upon to fulfill that promise. I think I'm contractually obligated by law, after all it is an oral contract—J. Germ

Devil Rock cassette (RoosterCow)
I feel downright evil listening to this tape. The Devil has been at work on these fellahs that's for damned sure. The first track "The Devil is Pleased" sent chills right down my Catholic spine. Evil "Johnny" fared no better and the last track, "Death & Destruction"... Guys, please, it's not that bad, OK? I don't know when Satan got cool again but fuck it, I'm still down with Jesus, man. Forget this Devil Rock shit. Oh, I almost forgot to say in this review; Team Satan put the evil in devil. No wait, they put the D on Evil thus making Devil. No, they put the D in Devil. That makes more sense. Bye—Muggsy McMurphy

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