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I bought this CD from Buttsteak after their show at the Empty Bottle in 1994. I thought they were pretty damn entertaining. One of the opening bands was the recently-relocated-from-Ohio band, Vambo Marble Eye. A couple weeks (or months) later I walked into the kitchen of my new job at the Chicago Diner and there was Vambo's big tall guitar player, Mike Wing, ready to train me on the grill. No good would come of that I assure you. I said in the review below that the opening band was just OK but subsequent VME shows would change my mind in their favor on that count. Also, I never lived in North Center. That was an inside joke for Clyde Wayne Steele the Third—a joke I don't even get by the way.

Also, I should note that I find this review to be pretty annoying overall, and I find myself wishing I could punch my 24-year-old self in the face when reading it. Enjoy!

From RW #3, 1994

Old Terror in a New Building

What a fun band! Devo of the fuckin' 90s, bro! Or maybe a B-52s? Maybe? I seen Buttsteak at the Empty Bottle way the hell down there on Western Avenue. (Maybe it's not far from you Wicker Park folks but for a rich little poor kid from North Center, it's a haul.) They played after this band that was OK and before this other band that was all right. There weren't that many people there to see them which was too bad, butt that's what you get when you support your own tour which I think is what these cats are doin', but I may be wrong. These peoples are a five piece, they got a keyboard player and she's a cutey (is that sexist? If so let me know and I'll apologize).

Theze folks, from Norfolk, VA, were fun to watch. They said the F word in their songs and they spit on each other lots and they did a little impromptu thingamajig before they played in which a guy from the audience, who was actually a member of the band, heckled them as they were warming up. The guy from the audience, who was really a guy from the band, made the drummer, who was wearing a dress (not a bad figure actually, sort of waifish, Kate Mossy look) sing Happy Birthday while he smeared chocolate frosting on the guitarists neked bun cheeks which he put candles in, lit on fire, then stomped out with his boots. The dude pulls up his pants after that and plays the whole set with that chocolatey stuff on his buttsteak, which I'm bettin' he totally dug. Fuckin' Moon Pie.

Anyway, the CD is equal nuttiness, got songs called "Lee Harvey Keitel" and "Fucky Sucky" and "Smacklord" but you should see 'em live and maybe buy the CD at the show like I did 'cause I got three free stickers when I did, except one of them was ripped, but hell it was free, well actually I paid an extra dollar for the CD because dude didn't have single but dat's OK., 'cause I had a nice time, even though the beer was warm, butt butt-ass cheap, which I ain't used to so I tipped big to make up for it which the waitress dug lots (she was wearing a Styx concert jersey and I think she was serious).

I am so easily entertained, it's downright frightening–Scat-in-the-Hat

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