Thursday, August 22, 2013


The cover of Reglar Wiglar #5 was a photograph of what was RW HQ at the time. It was taken by Max "Shudder" DeZutter. who had a darkroom set up therein. The year was 1995. This was the second location in a string of RW Headquarters—a horrible, firetrap of a building on Western Avenue just north of Belmont in Chicago. It was owned by a bumbling buffoon of a slum lord. Oh, the stories I could tell. (You can check out my comic depicting life on Western Ave. here.) It was the birthplace of the "Western Avenue" reviews section whereby the worth of a CD was determined by how well it held up after being hurled onto the overpass just outside the office window. (Look for some of those reviews in upcoming posts.)

Yes, this apartment  drove me and everyone who lived there batshit crazy. The "This is Not for You" billboard was a part of Q101s brilliant yet insulting ad campaign for their new alternative music format which I allowed to irritate the shit out of me.  This issue was when the Reglar Wiglar really came into its own as  a sarcastic, snarky and sometimes bile-filled zine. The world would remain the same everafter.


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