Friday, August 16, 2013


Ben Keller and the Mama Tick boys practiced in the attic of Ben's apartment across the street from RW HQ on Belmont Ave. in the early 90s. That's how I got to know them. I think they may have been my first real band interview ever when I wrote an article on them for Pure Magazine the year before. Read that article here if you dare.  If you care. If you dare to care. 

From RW#3, 1994:

"Action City" b/w "Shout (at the Devil)
(Three Little Girls)

Mama Tick has left a legacy of 7 inch singles behind to chronicle their three year career in Chicago. With a full-length LP recorded and ready for pressing, Mama Tick has scattered to various parts of the US from Alaska to Maine, to the tennis courts of Chicagoland and are pursuing different projects these days.

The Tick, as some of the rock'n'roll kids refer to them as, have released records on Amphetamine Reptile of the Mini Apple, Chicago's Skin Graft and Madison's Bovine and as their parting gift to us "Action City/Shout (at the Devil)" a 7 inch on Louisville's Three Little Girls Recordings. Action City is the chaotic and quite amusing anthem that best captures the Mama Tick sense of humor. Ben Keller, Adam Laats and Chad Moore simultaneously spout off, sometimes scream off, a collage of stream of conscience rantings about god-knows-what over a steady tangent of guitar noise

"Shout at the Devil," a song included in their live set, is an ode to the Crüe that the Crüe does not even deserve. Sure Too Fast for Love was a good record but never forget Theater of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls or egads! Doctor Feelgood. Incidentally did anyone see the Motley Crew interview on MTV where the Nikki Sixx prompted the whole band to walk out because the interviewer asked the Crüe about their 80s videos—what with the hairspray, fiery explosions and half neked women sluttin' around hungry for heavy metal gratification. They were insulted by the question. Seems like everyone, even the crew, wants to put those decadent '80s behind them. I guess the crew at thirty-something has finally grown up, but there's really no need to deny your very ridiculous past, boys....bad boys...bad boys of rock.

So pick up that there Mama Tick 7" or any of the four Mama Tick 7 inchers and be entertained by the new bad boys of rock–Malcolm Tent

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