Sunday, August 18, 2013


While it is true that I did see this band at the Avalon and John Nash did throw a 7 inch record into the crowd, it did not hit me in the head. He didn't insult my shirt either, he made fun of my friend's shirt who was standing next to me which I thought was pretty douchey. From RW#3 1994

Braille (choke inc.)
Help, I'm choke, inc. I'm choke, inc. (heh, heh, hee, whoo boy!) Anyway, introducing Milkmine, starring Paul Miur on drums, Jay Wilson on bass and Jon Nash.... on bass? What the f-f? No guitar? C'mon now? No, it's true, there ain't no six string slinger in this band. Yah see, Milkmine don't like guitarists, they think they're assholes, think that guitarists treat their guitars as an extension of their peen-i. What is Freud in a rock band now? What is a bass but a heavier, thicker, longer guitar that can be slapped and pounded with more ease than a skinny little geetar stick? Eeiii! Milkmine sorta sounds like what Jesus Lizard might sound like if they kicked Duane Denison out of the band and Sims and McNeilly were left to their own devices. It wouldn't be The Lizard but it would more than likely still rock.

This all reminds me of the first time I saw Milkmine here in Chicago when they played at the Avalon; I was first introduced to the Milkmine seven inch "SuperM" (also on choke, inc.) when it hit me in the bead after singer/bass player, Jon Nash threw it at me after insulting my shirt (a nice button-down J.C. Penny number that my aunt bought me for my birthday). The disc hit me squarely in the forehead and all theses grunge rockers in the audience turned and looked at me like I was a fucking burn victim, a look of pity and repugnance. I heard one little girl whisper to her boyfriend "Oh my God, Look at that shirt." What the fuck" All my flannel was at the cleaners man, I fucking swear it! See these ripped jeans? I ripped them for you, man!

So Braile is a damn fine release if you like lead heavy, rock'n'roll. These kids're from Cincinnati but they aint' no fuckin' Whigs, dig? And for those rock'n'roll purists, all too comfortable with the guitar/bass/ drums format all's I gotta say is, that bass'll sure mistake yah for a geetar. The way these boys play it anyway. They would probably be offended by that remark, but what're yah gonna do? Huh?–Muggsy McMurphy

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