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In retrospect, I'm a little embarrassed by the gushing tone of this review, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I went out and bought this seven inch when it came out and listened to it repeatedly. A non-interesting side note to this, is that me and my pal, Bobby G. were in the process of starting a band with Steve L. when he joined this band instead. (I know I would have.) Getting to practice for our embryonic power trio required that I take the Red Line to the Loop to catch the Rock Island Line of the Metra to 111th Street, where Steve would pick me up to take me to Palos Hills where we practiced in the funeral home his family owned (they lived upstairs). Steve was a bit of a band slut and courting all kinds of different people through the Reader classifieds, so when he answered Veruca Salt's ad looking for a female bass player and was accepted anyway, it was game over for me and Bobby G.

From RW#3, 1994

"Seether" b/w "All Hail Me" (Minty Fresh)

Please Pass the Veruca Salt

If I were writing a story on Veruca Salt, that would be the headline. So just in case, I got dibs on it and if'n I never do write a story on Veruca Salt (which I probably won't seein' as how the last time I wrote a story about a band, I was beaten bloody with a baseball bat( I'll sell yah the title for five bucks, cheap).

Veruca Salt, the name was taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which I thought I had a copy of, so I was gonna try to figure out the deep hidden significance of said name, but seems like I only had Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator which has got cool names in it but no salty ones, dig?) Anyway, this band is very cool. People gonna say "Breeders, Breeders, Breeders," and there's definitely the influence there but influences are suspect and ripoffs are a little more obvious. Hard rockin' and dual harmonies sung by female vocal chords is the comparison. Veruca Salt is Veruca Salt simple and plain.

Nina Gordon and Louise Post and Steve Lack and Jim Shapiro, those are the people that people this band and I seen 'em live and that was fuckin' groovin' too. The show was packed with what looked like yuppies so if you're a critic and a cynic and a little too punk rock fer yer own good, you might write these folks off as some lame-ass, ready for MTV buzz band. That's only if you buy into the bullshit you profess to hate so much. Just dig the music, man. It's the music man!

This 7" disc was produced by Wicker Diva, Brad Wood and it's got a cool lil' cover goin' there, sportin' old Evil Sailor 9 and it's on Minty Fresh and it's on peach vinyl and...and that's it–PC Jones

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